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Where are the Lanko and Davco brands from?

Lanko is a leading international contruction chemical brand that originated in France. Davco is the leader in of tile installation products in Asia that originated in Australia Both Lanko and Davco brands are owned by ParexGroup. You can find more about ParexGroup in the about us section

How long has Lanko and Davco been used in Thailand?

Lanko has been in Thailand since 1992. Davco has been in Thailand since 2006, when ParexGroup expand into new segment of Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout. ParexGroup bought SuperChamp brand in 2010 and the products are now sold under the Davco brand name.

Where is ParexGroup Thailand factory?

ParexGroup Thailand factory located in Saraburi province, Thailand. Our factory is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities of ready-mixed mortar in Asia Pacific. You can find the map to our factory in the about us section. ParexGroup also has 66 manufacturing facilities with 3,905 employees in 21 countries , 2 group R&D centers in France and China and 7 local R&D centers.

Where is ParexGroup Thailand head office?

PaexGroup Thailand head office is located in near BTS Rajdamri Station, Bangkok. You can find the map to our office in the about us section

Where can I buy Lanko and Davco products?

You can buy from leading construction material dealers and retail stores in Thailand such as Thaiwatsadu, Siam Global House, Ubonwatsadu (DoHome), Megahome, Homepro, SCG Homesolution, SCG Homemart, SCG Authorized Dealer and other leading retailers in Thailand

How do I store Lanko or Davco products?

Stored in unopened original packaging in dry condition.

Can I mix Lanko and Davco product by hand?

Not recommend. It should be well mixed and evenly distributed when mixing. We recommend to use a mixing machine for 3 - 5 minutes to reach designed perforamnce of the product

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